Why is this being done?
In 2009, an Administrative Consent Order was authorized by the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (IDNR). The consent order was satisfied in 2014. As part of the agreement to satisfy the consent order, the City agreed to conduct Time of Sale Inspections. The ordinance was adopted in January of 2017.

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1. Why is this being done?
2. What is the City looking for?
3. When is the ordinance effective?
4. My friend in the country has to pay up to $400 to have their septic tank inspected when selling their house. What’s the cost for the inspection?
5. What is the typical cost to fix a connection in violation of the ordinance?
6. How long does it take to do the inspection?
7. Can the sellers’ realtor file on my behalf?
8. When must I have the inspection done?
9. What if I miss the 15 day deadline?
10. What if I am not using a realtor, must I still have the home inspected before selling?
11. What if the sewer line from the house to the sewer main is leaking?
12. What if I don’t have a Certificate of Compliance?
13. How long is a Certificate of Compliance valid?
14. Does the City offer any reimbursement or loans?
15. What happens if a plumber is unable to fix any illegal connections before closing?
16. When is a required inspection NOT required?
17. I purchased a new built home, is the inspection required?