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Dog Park

Subfacility of Downey Park


Indianola Dog Park Rules


  1. Agility Equipment
  2. Bag Dispensers
  3. Benches
  4. Fenced land
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Restrooms - Portable
  7. Shelter
  8. Waste Receptacles
  9. Water

The park provides space where dogs can exercise and socialize with other dogs. It offers a great opportunity for dogs to run, play and interact with other just be dogs! Dog owners can socialize with other dog lovers as well.

Members-Only Park

Access to the Indianola Dog Park is available to members only.  Annual membership fees are $25/dog, and expire one year after purchase date.  Memberships may be purchased through Indianola Parks and Recreation.

To become a member, bring vaccination records from your veterinarian showing that your dog's Parvo/Distemper and Rabies shots are current to the Parks & Recreation office at 2204 W. 2nd Avenue (Hwy 92). The records should show the date the shots were given, and the "reminder date" of when they are due next.

Members will receive a magnetic access card on a lanyard which should be worn by the owner while you using the park.


Has your dog been around other dogs much?  If not, it may be best to bring him / her during a slow time at first. Socialization is a process. Toys are allowed, but expect to share.  If you believe your dog will guard its favorite toy from other dogs, best to leave it at home.

To use the playground, you must follow the dogpark rules.  These rules are enforceable by police officers, animal control officers, or any other city code enforcer. Persons may be cited or ejected for failure to follow park rules.

Aggressive Dogs Not Allowed

Remove dogs at the first sign of aggression.  Aggression should be thought of as intent to do harm.

"His bark is worse than his bite." This is literal for most dogs. Few dogs want to fight and will put on displays to make other dogs back down. As long as this is effective and ends conflict without injury, it should not be considered aggressive.

If your dog is involved in an unpleasant experience, please remove it from the park for the day. Dog play can be rough; dogs can chase, nip, wrestle and bark without being aggressive.

Part of the important socialization dogs get from interacting with other dogs is learning to express their desires appropriately. Watch interactions carefully; intervene if one dog appears to be in distress.

Use of the dog park is at the owner/handler's own risk. Permit/pass holders and their guests agree to hold the city of Indianola harmless for any injury or damages to person or property by use of the park.