Waller's Weekly Update 2021

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Litter & Debris

Please help to keep our community clean and at the same time ensuring the integrity of our community’s infrastructure by properly disposing of debris, such as: refuse, litter and grass clippings.   Doing so keeps the debris out of the roadways and allows for proper drainage of stormwater.  Recently, the City’s Water Pollution Control Department was required to use more than 40 hours of labor and 7500 gallons of water to clear a stormwater sewer that was completely blocked with a significant amount of debris that included cardboard, Styrofoam, bottles, cans, pipe pieces, and other materials.  The community’s assistance is greatly appreciated! 

Roadway & Alley Repair Work

This week, Streets Division staff continued repair work on potholes by using 42 hours of labor and one ton of cold mix asphalt (more than 27 tons have been used since March; the City has 147 miles of roads). Additionally, crews graded South K Street to remove potholes and ruts from this driving surface.  This work required 110 tons of rock and 30 hours of labor.  Lastly, street sweeping operations continued resulting in more than 83 miles of roadway being cleaned.

Development Code Update Advisory Meeting

On April 8, the Development Code Update Advisory Committee met for over two hours to discuss the proposed updates to the zoning and site plan codes.  The update of these codes was a key recommendation from the recently adopted Comprehensive Master Plan (Elevate Indianola) and is the first phase of a two-phase project that is anticipated to be completed in June 2022.  The Advisory Committee will meet again on April 21 to continue its review of the proposed updates.  A public input workshop regarding the proposed updates is scheduled for Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.   The Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to begin its review of the proposed updates at its May 11, 2021 meeting.  

Strategic Plan Update 

The City Council will hold a retreat on Wednesday, April 14 to receive a progress report on the priorities established by the Strategic Plan. The agenda for the retreat and Strategic Plan are linked below.   

Strategic Plan (LINK)

Retreat Agenda (LINK)

Community Development Reports

Attached are the following reports provided by the Community Development Department:

Current Projects Update (PDF)

This week, a site plan for an expansion to the warehouse for the Des Moines Metro Opera located at 1909 North 14th Street was submitted. Of the 13 projects listed, one is awaiting a submittal from the developer, five are in review and seven have been approved and are in construction. 


2021 Building Permits (PDF)

This week, four building permits were submitted, all of which were for new dwellings.  There are currently eight building permit applications in review and 30 building permits have been issued year to date.

Code Enforcement (PDF)

This week, a large code enforcement issue located on South 4th Street was abated by the City.  There are currently 30 open code enforcement cases (24 code enforcement cases have been opened for the year).

City Council Anticipated Agendas

Below please find links to the documents containing anticipated agenda items for upcoming City Council meetings.  These are working drafts.  Agendas are published on the City’s website the Thursday prior to a scheduled City Council meeting. 

Anticipated Draft Agenda – April 19, 2021 (PDF)

Anticipated Draft Agenda – May 3, 2021 (PDF)