Upcoming Projects

This page will display the upcoming projects related to the sanitary sewer collection system. Please click on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Updates page for information on the new Water Resource Recovery Facility.

The City continues to plan for and implement Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) to improve and expand the collection system. Some of these projects are currently being designed and implemented.

  • New Fiber loop – the current fiber/SCADA system will not work with the new plant SCADA. IMU and City is currently sharing a fiber loop and with the separation will allow the city to be able to connect to the new plant and increase the response time we receive information from the lift stations to the SCADA.

Along with the CIP projects the city implemented a Collection System Maintenance Program. This annual program is completed every year with the continued support from the city council. Here is a brief explanation of what is performed every year.

  • Staff clean and televises on an average 50,000 feet per year.
  • Line between 2,000 and 3,000 feet of sewer main a year. (see maps below showing locations)
  • Lateral lining in conjunction with the sewer main lining to seal off the opening for the laterals.
  • Manhole repair by lining – average 20 per year. (see maps below showing locations)
  • Replace pick hole manhole lids and replace the concrete adjusting rings with Cretex Pro Rings to eliminate infiltration – average 30 per year.

Fiscal Year 2024

  • Demolition of South Treatment plant (PDF)
  • East Franklin - fixing sewer lines due to road sinking (PDF)

Maps Showing Location of Improvements