Strategic Planning

The City of Indianola recently invited Jeff Schott from the University of Iowa’s Institute of Public Affairs to help facilitate a planning session.

“The city council has made strategic planning a top priority,” said Indianola Mayor Kelly B. Shaw. “This groundwork will enable us to confidently move forward and gain momentum as a community. Bringing in Jeff Schott helped us to collectively take a much-needed look at Indianola’s big picture and think differently about how we can continue to grow.”

According to City officials, that big picture looks good. It’s no surprise economic development tops the list of strategic focus areas.

Additional strategic focus areas include:
Quality of Life
City facilities
City staffing
Budget and finance

When it comes to economic development, residential and commercial growth are critical. With Indianola’s proximity to Des Moines, there will be greater emphasis on luring corporate headquarters or satellite facilities to town, particularly in the tech sector, which shows significant potential for growth.

Priorities for Indianola’s infrastructure include the new Waste Water Treatment Plant project and developing a street repair/maintenance and financing plan. Facilities will be evaluated city-wide for current and projected needs, and plans will be made for potential enhancements and funding.

“The city council has approved the strategic focus areas and their objectives,” said Indianola City Manager Ryan J. Waller. “We are diligently working on specific action items to help ensure we are spending money in a much more strategic way. We plan to be very intentional and transparent with those action items, establishing hard deadlines and clear lines of accountability. The council will remain closely tethered to the plan in order to measure success.”

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