With the beginning of a new decade, The Honor Guard will be starting its 19th year in existence. Back in 1995, volunteer members of the Associated Fire Firefighters of Indianola formed the 1st ever Honor Guard in the state of Iowa. Today our current membership is 24. We all take great pride in being a member of this elite organization; one that I would say is a step above the norm, and an honor to be part of.

This Honor Guard has been called upon several times to honor our fallen comrades. Our 1st obligation is to our own sisters and brothers. However, we have shared in ceremonies to honor comrades who have fallen throughout our great Nation. It is truly a heartfelt experience to bestow final honors to those that have given their all.
Honor Guard Commander Tom Spence
The Fire Service is based on tradition, and the Honor Guard roots, date back to early English times, as knights with special weapons and shields tended to the wounded on the battle field. The Honor Guard today has established several traditions within the group. When we become members we represent honor, pride, tradition, courage, discipline, and dedication for those that have gone before us. We also have 8 obligations to live by; to live in truth, to be sincere, to love justice, to endure persecution, to have faith, to give proof of humility, to be merciful and to repent from sins. We will always do "whatever it takes" to uphold the tradition and integrity of this Honor Guard. Faces and names change, but the Honor Guard will always remain the same!

"Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)

I invite everyone who visits our site to enjoy and to absorb all of the useful information.

In Brotherhood,

Thomas W. Spence

Commander - Indianola Honor Guard