Downtown Facade and Interior Improvement Program

The City of Indianola, in its continuing effort to support commercial revitalization and economic development in the Downtown Square,  has created  the Downtown Façade and Interior Improvement Program to provide financial assistance to businesses and property owners for building improvements. The program was designed to assist in revitalizing and refreshing the appearance and feel of Downtown buildings and improve the perception of Indianola as an attractive city to visitors and residents on and around Indianola's Square.

The goal of the program is to encourage improvements to the Downtown Square that will maintain, preserve, or improve the downtown aesthetics and build a destination where local businesses can thrive, and people of all ages and backgrounds can connect, create, and celebrate. These improvements will not only enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the downtown square, but will also assist in maintaining the structural integrity of the buildings while also increasing property values and economic interest, activity and investment within the Downtown Square.

Applications to the program are now closed. Late submissions will not be considered for the program. Please be patient while staff review applications.

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