Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Cooling off from those Iowa temperatures with a swimming pool or hot tub? Familiarize yourself with all applicable codes and regulations adopted by the City of Indianola. For more information, please review the Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Requirements Handout or contact the Community Development Department.

Permit Required?


Inspections Required?

Final Building and Zoning Inspection

Anticipated Review Timeline

3-5 Business Days

* A permit is only required if the pool will be over 5,000 gallons or if the depth will be over 24-inches (2-feet). This includes both above and below ground pools/hot tubs.

Codes and Regulations

Swimming pools are a great way to beat out the hot Iowan Summer heat, but still must comply with all applicable local, state and federal code requirements. Swimming pools and hot tubs are regulated by Chapter 164 titled 'General Provisions' and by the International Swimming Pool Code and Spa Code (2018).

General Building Requirements

  • Pools must be enclosed with a 6 foot non-climbable fence or barrier. Any openings in the fence cannot allow for the passage of a 4 inch diameter (102mm) sphere.
  • Where a wall of the house serves as a portion of the barrier, the pool must be equipped with a powered safety cover or doors from the house opening to the pool area must have an audible alarm. The alarm must have the ability to activate within 7-seconds for a period of 30-seconds. A 15-second momentary deactivation switch must be placed at least 54'' above the floor level.
  • Pedestrian access gates must open outward, away from the pool, and be self-closing/self-latching
  • GFCI Protection is required for all electrical outlets (15-20 amp) within 20 feet of the pool and lighting/switches within 10 feet.