Quick Overview

Building a deck or patio? It is important to familiarize yourself with all applicable codes and regulations adopted by the City of Indianola. For more information, please review the Deck and Patio Requirements Handout or contact the Community Development Department.

Permit Required?


Inspections Required?

Footing and Setbacks Inspection
Final Building and Zoning Inspection

Anticipated Review Timeline

3-5 Business Days

Codes and Regulations

Decks are regulated by Chapter 164.04 titled 'General Provisions' and 165.05 titled 'Zoning District Regulations' within the City of Indianola Zoning Code. If you are considering building a deck or patio on your property, a permit will be required. Decks and patios must meet minimum zoning and building code requirements adopted by the City of Indianola. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Open decks (decks with no roof or enclosure) may encroach up to 6 feet into the required front yard setback.
  • Open decks (decks with no roof or enclosure) may encroach up to 20 feet into the required rear yard setback.
  • Enclosed decks (decks with a roof or enclosure) cannot encroach into any required setback area.
  • Uncovered patios, brick or stone pavers, and concrete slab structures or other paved surfaces must be setback at least 2 feet from the property line and cannot extend more than 10' beyond either side of the driveway.