Gifts and Memorials

Purpose Statement: In order to supplement facilities, holdings, services and programs provided for in the library budget, gifts in various forms (i.e. books or materials, personal property, money, real property or stock) are welcomed.

Policy Goals: This policy specifies what gifts are accepted and under what conditions.

Gifts are accepted under the following terms:

  • Gifts must be permanent and unrestricted, or any attached restrictions must be acceptable to the Board of Trustees.
  • Gifts must be usable in the context of the library’s general, long-term plan for growth.
  • Gifts must meet any criteria specified in sections of library policy related to the form of the gift.
  • Gifts received may be used or disposed of in whatever way the Board should determine to be most beneficial to the library.
  • The Friends of the Indianola Public Library Foundation is the designated recipient of any gifts and memorials totaling over $1000. 

Gifts will be recognized and publicized as the Board and Foundation deem appropriate, and with the consent of the donor.

Special encouragement is given to donations as memorial or honorary gifts. The library will assume responsibility for ordering library materials given as memorials or honorary gifts.

Gifts to the library may be tax-deductible (the giver is advised to consult a tax preparer), and the library will furnish, on request, a statement for tax purposes.  However, no dollar value will be placed on used items donated to the library.  

Adopted 10-14-03; Reviewed 10/07; Reviewed 2/12; Reviewed 5/2017; Reviewed 12/2020