Printing, Scanning, & Faxing

printing and scanning


A copy machine and computer printer are provided for use by the public at $0.15 per page. Patrons are responsible for all items printed.  

Printing Fees

  • $0.15 per page

Printing from a Library Computer

  • Printing is available from any public-use laptop in the library.
  • Once sent, print jobs are kept in the print queue for 48 hours.

Printing from Your Own Device

Option 1: Printing from a laptop or desktop computer

  • Visit our PrinterOn site.
  • Select Black & White OR Color.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Upload your file(s).
  • Click the Play button.

Option 2: Printing from a mobile device

  • Download then open the PrinterOn app.
  • Tap No Printer Selected.
  • Tap Search and enter "Indianola".
  • Choose the Black & White OR Color printer.
  • Tap the type of file your are printing (document, photo, or web page).*
  • Navigate to the file on your device or enter the website address.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap Print History to see the status of your job.
  • Head to the Library's print release station, login with your email address, and pay for your job. Your job will be available to print for 48 hours.

*If you have an Apple device, you also have the option within the app to forward an email message or attachment to the printer.

Option 3: Printing from a USB drive

  • Insert your USB drive into the printer.
  • Follow the prompts on the printer screen.


Scanning is free to the public. Scanning is available for image/document sizes up to 11x17 inches. Images/documents may be scanned to any public-use laptop in the library, to any email address, or to a USB drive.


Patrons may use the library’s fax machine to send faxes at no charge. Incoming faxes are not accepted.