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Responding to a Rental Housing Complaint

When a tenant is in need of a problem or issue addressed within their rental unit or on the rental property, they may send a letter to the landlord/property owner requesting that the problem be addressed. If the issue is not resolved to the tenants satisfaction, the tenant may request the city to conduct a complaint-based inspection. Neither the tenant nor landlord will be charged for an initial complaint-based inspection.


  1. Rental Housing Guide
  2. Warren County Housing Authority (WCHA)
  3. Lead-Based Paint
  4. Radon
  5. Translation Services

The City of Indianola has compiled a list of resources and information regarding rental housing. This document includes information regarding the adopted rental code, what to expect on an inspection, and resources regarding housing.

This document is known as the Rental Housing Guide and should only be used as reference by rental property owners, property managers, tenants and likewise. It should not be interpreted as the rule of the law.

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The cover page to the Rental Housing Guide. Last updated December 2021. It shows an image of a house Opens in new window