Time of Sale Inspections

Is the Time of Sale Inspection Required or Voluntary? 

As of July 1, 2018, the Inflow/Infiltration inspections will be voulntary

What is the City looking for? 

Pursuant to Chapter 97, it is illegal to have sump pumps, perimeter tiles, roof drains, yard drains etc. connected to the sanitary sewer system.

What is the Cost of Inspection? 

The cost for the initial inspection is $50.00 and if a re-inspection is needed, the cost is $25.00. The purpose of the cost is to cover the staff time and equipment required for the inspection.

What is the typical cost to fix a connection in violation of the ordinance? 

The costs can run from $150.00 to disconnect a sump pump being discharged to the sanitary sewer and plumb it to discharge outside, to approximately $900.00 to remove the perimeter tile from the floor drain and install a sump pump. The true cost will ultimately depend on the situation and the type and number of illegal connections. A licensed plumber will be able to provide a better estimate.

How long does the inspection take to do the inspection? 

The average inspection should only take about 30 minutes. The City will inspect the sump pump system, interior floor drains, footing drains, yard drains, roof drains and downspouts. We will also televise the sewer line. Homeowner will be responsible to make sure the cleanout cap is removed.

Can the sellers' realtor file on my behalf? 


What if the sewer line from the house to sewer main is leaking? 

That will be up to the homeowner/seller to decide if the line gets repaired. The City will not mandate the repair of the sewer line unless an illegal connection is found.

Does the City offer any reimbursement or loans?

 Yes, pursuant to City policy, a program is offered for homeowners. Subject to certain criteria, homeowners may be eligible for either a reimbursement or loan as long as the work is done within 90 days. For more information, please contact the City at 515-961-9416. 

Inspection Application