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Activity Center

The Indianola Activity Center is home to the Indianola Parks & Recreation office.  It also functions as the area's senior center, and provides activities for adults age 50 or better.

Until further notice, the building is open with limited hours and new safety measures.

Reduced Hours
In order to accommodate increased cleaning protocols, the building will be open for public access from
8 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday, except Thursdays 9 am - 3pm.

New Check In Procedure
All building visitors will be checked in at the front window by Parks & Rec staff.

Masks are Strongly Encouraged
For the protection of others, please use a mask when you are in the building. Masks are available for those who do not have one. For activities where social distancing is not possible such as card games, masks are required.

Visits Limited to One Hour
Please limit your time in the building to one hour.

Group Seating is Temporarily Removed
Social distancing guidelines have prompted us to remove group seating in the lobby.

Buxton Room Activities
The kitchen will be closed, and drinking fountains in the building are shut off.
You may bring your own drinks, but no snacks.
  PickleBall and monthly Potluck are suspended until further notice.  

Players will take turns calling
One person per table
No prizes (or pennies) until further notice
Snacks not allowed, bring your own drink

Conference Room Closed
Activities that met in this room will be held in the Arts and Crafts Room, or the Buxton Room.

Public Computers Available on a Limited Basis
Three stations will be available and may be used for one 60-minute session per day.   

Exercise Room
Limited to use by one person at a time.

Billiards Room
Open Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm.
Play limited to two tables at a time, must not be adjacent tables.
Players use their own cues.


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