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  • Instructions & Rules

    1. Public Comment Form
      Please complete this form to submit your public comment to the City Clerk's office. If you have any questions please contact City Hall at 515-961-9410, or email:
    2. Open Forum
      • A maximum of twenty (20) minutes will be set aside for members of the public to address the Council on any item not on the agenda and on any subject over which the Council has the authority to act.
    3. • Presentations will be limited to three (3) minutes to a maximum of (5) minutes.
    4. • Preference will be given to individuals who did not speak at the previous council meeting's Open Forum.
    5. • Individuals may not speak more than once during Open Forum.
    6. • All speakers must address the entire Council and will not be permitted to engage in dialogue.
    7. • Any individual addressing the Council will be asked by the presiding officer to clearly state his/her name and address prior to speaking before the Council or minimally during or after his/her presentation to the Council so that his/her name may be accurately recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
    8. • Once completed, this card becomes a public document.
    9. (Indianola City Council Rules of Procedure)