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  1. Cancel Community Room Reservation
  2. Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    A charge of $3.00 is required for each interlibrary loan request. This fee must be paid before checking out.

  3. Library Volunteer Application

    *Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any court-appointed community service requests at this time.

  4. Newsletter List
  5. Test Proctoring Request Form
  1. Genealogy Request Form

    For use when people have genealogy requests.

  2. Library Community Room Reservation
  3. New Arrivals List
  4. Renew Your Library Card

Parks and Recreation

  1. 2015 Spring Planting Blitz

    Help plant 10,000 flowers between May 12-May 14 in city flower beds at Buxton Park and Sesquicentennial Park.

  2. Park Volunteer Form
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