What is your refund policy?
Refunds/credits for recreation programs will be processed upon request in accordance with the following policy:

Any refunds granted under the Parks & Recreation policy will require City Council approval and will take 2-3 weeks to process

Full refunds/credits will be made upon cancellation of a class or activity by the Department

Refunds/credits will be granted to individuals up to 5:00pm on the business day prior to the start of the program less a $4 processing fee and all costs already incurred

Refunds/credits requested after 5:00 pm on the business day prior to the beginning of a class/activity may be granted only for illness or medical reasons or other unavoidable circumstance. A physician's verification will be required in writing. The request must be made within seven (7) working days of the unavoidable circumstance. Refund/credit will be prorated.

No refunds/credits will be granted after a program/activity is half completed.

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