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Boards & Commission Cover ImageLearn About Indianola's Boards & Commissions

Getting involved with city Boards and Commissions is a great way for our residents to make an impact in the Indianola Community. 

But what are they? How do they work? And how can you get involved? Let's find out. 

What Are City Boards and Commissions?

Indianola's Boards and Commissions are resident-led bodies (appointed by the City Council) that help our local government serve the community. 

They're created by the State of Iowa as well as the City of Indianola governments, in order to address a wide range of issues and functions. 

What Do They Do?

Our city Boards and Commissions help with the review, recommendation, and implementation of local policy items in Indianola. Additionally, they help ensure that our local government is representative of our constituency. 

They each have unique purposes, but Indianola's Boards and Commissions all have on thing in common-they're on a mission to serve our citizens and improve their quality of life. 

Why are City Boards and Commissions Important?

Better Local Policies and Decisions 

City Boards and Commissions are comprised of citizens with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Their unique expertise and insights help our City Council make more informed decisions. 

They provide a clear channel of communication between our elected officials and our community members, leading to more in-depth discussions of issues, more effective conflict resolution, and an overall better understanding of Indianola's needs. 

Better representation leads to better information, which leads to better policy outcomes. 

Impactful Community Engagement 

Serving on a Board or Commission is a great way to connect with the Indianola community on a deeper level. 

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to become directly involved with all sorts of important public interests, from parks and libraries to zoning and civil service. 

You'll learn a lot more about our city's great resources as well, and you'll discover how to help fellow residents connect with them. 

Most importantly, you'll be shaping the livelihood of our great city! You'll be taking action to improve our community, alongside other Indianola citizens who share your passion for service. 

Exciting Leadership Opportunities

If you serve as a board or commission member, you'll gain valuable experience in things like public speaking, local government operation, policymaking, budget preparation, etc. 

You'll grow as a citizen, a professional, and a leader. Plus, you could open the door to new career possibilities as well.

Boards and Commissions positions often act as "stepping stones" for residents seeking more municipal leadership responsibilities, providing the experience needed for success as a local elected official. 

City Clerk Application page on laptop

How to get involved

Looking to serve the Indianola community through our Boards and Commissions? 

Simply complete this Boards and Commissions Application (PDF) and follow the submission instructions to apply. 

Available Positions

The City of Indianola currently has openings for the following Boards and Commissions: 

  • Board of Adjustment
  • Civil Service Commission 
  • Hometown Pride Committee
  • Indianola Public Arts Commission 
  • Memorial Building Commission 
  • Parks & Recreation Commission 

Be sure to check our Boards and Commission page to get the most up-to-date information about these openings. 

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Indianola's Boards and Commissions

Here's a list of Indianola's city Boards and Commissions, along with some brief descriptions of what they do. Click their titles for additional information. 

Board of Adjustment 
Reviews applications for variances (i.e. zoning setbacks, lot area, off-street parking, etc.), rules on special uses and structures listed and listens to/decides upon appeals of administrative decisions. 

Bravo is comprised of local governments to provide funding and leadership to the arts, culture, and heritage community. One Indianola resident can serve on the Board of Directors of Bravo under the intergovernmental agreement between the City of Indianola and Bravo. 

Civil Service Commission
Reviews applicants for Fire and Police departments and creates a list of those applicants certified as eligible for the position. 

Downtown Square Commission
Responsible for recommending sidewalk and street use permits, street closure permits, and reviewing facade grant applications. 

Indianola Public Arts Commission
Encourages the cooperation and coordination of projects in the field of arts that will enhance the cultural level of the arts in the community. 

Hometown Pride Committee
Brings neighbors together to build a sense of community, create and improve public amenities, and celebrate what makes our hometown great. 

IMU Board of Trustees
Manages and controls the city's waterworks, electric, light, and power plant and also provides telecommunication services. 

Library Board of Trustees
Has charge, control, and supervision of the Library, its appurtenances, fixtures, rooms, and personnel. 

Parks & Recreation Commission
Advises the City Council on the needed facilities to provide open spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and community facilities for other forms of recreation. It oversees city programs and encourages other programs for the leisure time of residents of all ages. 

Planning & Zoning Commission
Qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertaining to the development of the City plan. 

Sustainability Committee
Works to educate, inform, and advocate for clean and renewable energy, conserving resources, reducing waste, encouraging recycling, and promoting access to nature. 

Veteran's Memorial Building Commission
Consists of honorably discharged soldiers, marines, airmen, or coast guard members who manage and control the Veteran's Memorial Aquatic Center and establish rules and regulations for management. 

Mayor's Youth Council
Provides Indianola high school students with an active role in addressing youth issues in our community. 

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Learn More About Indianola 

Indianola is a city in Warren County, Iowa, just south of downtown Des Moines. Known for attractions like the Des Moines Metro Operate, the National Balloon Classic, and the Warren County Fair- as well as our vibrant downtown and parks - Indianola, draws visitors from across the region. We are currently home to more than 15,000 residents, as well as a diverse community of businesses.