Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Hillcrest Avenue Reconstruction

Project Location: Hillcrest Avenue from North 4th Street to North 14th Street.

Project Description: This project proposes to replace the existing failed concrete pavement with new three-lane paved street consisting of 37’ wide PCC pavement with integral curb and gutter.  The scope of this project also has new storm-sewer infrastructure, new sidewalk on one side of the road, and an improved trail crossing. 

Hillcrest Avenue is currently a two-lane collector type street, with heavy truck traffic volume, that acts as an important link between the city’s industrial park on North 14th Street and the principal arterial on Highway 65/69.  As traffic volumes and turning movements increase, this existing two-lane undivided roadway on Hillcrest Avenue is experiencing traffic safety concerns. This project provides an opportunity to replace the existing failed concrete pavement surface with a new three-lane paved street with integral curb and gutter, improved drainage performance, improved sidewalk connectivity, new trees, improved trail crossing, and a new trail head. The proposed three-lane pavement will allow for two through lanes and a center two-way left-turn lane that will improve traffic operations and safety to meet increasing traffic and pedestrian demand. The Hillcrest Trail, along the north side of the project, will be maintained.

The council approved five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) has allocated the design of this project during Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 and the construction is planned during FY2023 and FY2024. The CIP has allocated $720,000 during FY-2022, for engineering and easement expenses, and $3,800,000 in FY2023 and FY2024, for construction expenses. Approximately $3,100,000 is planned to be federally funded by Iowa DOT’s Surface Transportation Block Grant.


Project Status:


Start Date

End Date





May 16, 2023


Project Completion


The bids for this project were let on March 21, 2023, at the Iowa DOT office. Four bids were received and the lowest apparent bid was submitted by Vanderpool Construction, Inc for a total amount of $5,098,494.70 (6.7% below engineer's estimate of $5,461,974). The Indianola City Council held a public hearing regarding the plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of costs, and approved the same, at their April 3, 2023, meeting. The contract for the project was awarded to Vanderpool at the same meeting. 

Construction Update:

The first phase of the project began on May 16, 2023, between the entrance to Unity Point (located east of Hwy 65/69) and North 7th Street. Businesses located on Scenic Valley Avenue, 3rd Lane, and 6th Street can use Trail Ridge or Scenic Valley Avenues to access Jefferson Way.  A map of the first construction phase can be viewed at the following link below, where this is shown by the two areas shaded in green color. No portions of East Hillcrest Avenue will be open to through traffic.  Residents at 501 and 603 East Hillcrest Avenue and Unity Point Clinic will have access at all times. All other side streets or driveways connecting to East Hillcrest Avenue will need to take alternate routes for access. 

Map of first construction phase (PDF)

Project Costs:

  • Engineering & Easements: $720,000
  • Construction Cost: $5,098,494.70

* Note: The major scope of this project will receive 80/20 matching Surface Transportation Program funds from the Iowa DOT. The Surface Transportation Block Grant Funds are $3,800,000. The City of Indianola has allocated the remaining local matching funds for the construction expenses. . 

East Hillcrest Avenue Concept Study Review

The Hillcrest Study presentation that was shown to Council outlays the proposed future development of East Hillcrest Avenue. With the future development in and around this corridor, items such as future traffic volume, future development and growth patterns, and other infrastructural needs are being reviewed to ensure that any construction projects would be comprehensive. This project will continue to develop more and costs associated with further studies will be incorporated into upcoming budget discussions.