Test Proctoring

The Indianola Public Library supports continuing education and recognizes its value by providing test proctoring services.

The goals of this policy are to outline the test proctoring procedure, clarify expectations, and explain why library staff may not be able to proctor some exams.


Library staff involvement is limited to issuing the exam, periodically observing the student, signing the proctor form, and submitting the completed exam.


Test proctoring is free.   However, students are responsible for paying any associated postage or printing fees.


Indianola Public Library staff cannot proctor exams in which the institution requires the student to receive constant, uninterrupted observation.  In addition, library staff will not proctor an exam deemed too burdensome or exacting in its demands.

Proctoring will be done by available library staff members. While the institution’s agreement form may be signed by one staff member, another staff member may proctor the exam.  The Indianola Public Library will not proctor an exam in which the signature of only one designated person is acceptable. 

Staff cannot guarantee a private space or table to take the exam or that the library will be quiet and free from distractions.


Students must make arrangements at least three days in advance. Proctoring services are available during the library's open hours and must be completed at least 30 minutes before closing.

Technical Requirements

The library offers free WiFi and use of the public computers but connection speed or compatibility to a particular site cannot be guaranteed.  The library is not responsible for technical problems which may interfere with taking the exam.  Technical support personnel are not provided.  

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