Loan Periods and Fees

Loan Periods, Check Out Limits, and Fines

Material Type

Checkout Limits
(per card)

Loan Period



Books, magazines,
& audiobooks


3 weeks


No overdue fines



1 week


No overdue fines

Board Games


1 week


No overdue fines

PuzzlesFive3 weeksTwoNo overdue fines

Library of Things 
& Video Games
Two1 weekTwo50¢/day

Interlibrary loan






Fines will be assessed daily until the item is returned, up to a maximum fine of $5.00 or the cost of the item, whichever is less.

Suspended Privileges

Accounts with materials overdue by seven or more days will be frozen until all overdue items are renewed, returned, or purchased in the case of loss or damage.

Fines must be under $5.00 to check out.


Notices are sent when an item is one day overdue, seven days overdue, and 14 days overdue. A final notice is sent when an item is 28 days overdue.  

Billed Items

Accounts with materials overdue 35 days will be billed for the cost of replacing the items. This bill is final.  Accounts will be suspended until the bill is paid.


If an item is eligible for renewal, the library will automatically renew the item for the patron at the due date.  Items will not renew once they have reached the maximum number of renewals.  Interlibrary Loan items, magazines, and book club sets are not eligible for automatic renewals.

Holding Items

If an item is checked out, a hold may be placed on it and the patron will be notified when it is available.  A patron must have a library account before a hold can be placed.

In addition, items not owned by the library may be requested through interlibrary loan.  A fee for interlibrary loan items is assessed if the item is located and must be paid prior to checking out any interlibrary loan materials. 


The genealogy reference collection does not circulate.    

At Home Delivery:

At Home Delivery is provided to those people, living within the corporate city limits of Indianola, who are unable to come to the library on their own due to a disability, either long- or short-term.   Books are delivered to patrons on a regular basis.

Copying Services

A copy machine and computer printer are provided for use by the public at 15¢ per copy.   Patrons are responsible for all items printed.  

Faxing Services
Patrons may use the library’s fax machine to send faxes at no charge. Incoming faxes are not accepted. 

Digital Materials

The library offers a collection of digital materials to patrons with valid library cards. Some digital materials are limited to patrons who reside in the city limits of Indianola or rural Warren County.  The number of items checked out per patron is limited and checkout periods vary.

Library of Things

Library of Things items are checked in by two library staff members at the time they are returned.   Patrons sign an agreement form confirming that all pieces of the item are present, undamaged, and clean at the time of checkout. Borrowers should clean items before they are returned or a small cleaning fee ranging from $2.00-$5.00 may be charged.