Waller's Weekly Update 2020

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Ryan Waller - City Manager

Indianola Magazine

Attached, please find a letter that will be mailed to residents regarding the upcoming edition of the Indianola magazine.  With the cost to publish and mail a magazine ranging between $12,000 and $15,000, staff determined it was best to publish a digital version only in the event future programs and activities need to be rescheduled or canceled.  Staff anticipates the digital version to be live on the City’s website by July 1st.
Indianola Magazine Summer Issue 2020 - Letter

Square Parking Meeting

On Wednesday, June 24th, the City and Chamber co-hosted a meeting with businesses to discuss parking regulations on the Square.  During the meeting, businesses shared their thoughts and preferences which will be used to help guide the development of a draft ordinance amending current regulations.  A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to share progress of this draft with Square businesses.  In the interim, staff are working to complete the required documents for City Council’s consideration to effectuate the direction to temporarily suspend enforcement of the current three-hour weekday parking restrictions.  Staff anticipates having this come before the City Council at its July 6th meeting.

Central Iowa Shelter Services Meeting

Earlier this week, Sue Wilson (Helping Hand), Brenda Easter (Indianola Chamber) and I met with Melissa O’Neil of Central Iowa Shelter Services.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore a possible partnership among the entities.  The intended goal is to compete for Federal grant dollars available to support restaurants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These dollars would be used to pay participating restaurants to provide hot meals for those in need.  City Staff is waiting on additional information from these partners and will provide additional information at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Road Use Tax Fund Revenue

Attached, please find a memorandum from the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding the shift in Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) Revenue from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a reminder, this is the sole funding source for the City’s Streets Division.  The projections only go to September 2020, so it is still not clear how the revenues will be impacted later this year. Much depends on how well the economy is sustained and many other factors pertaining to the virus. Below is a table staff put together to summarize the information in the memorandum. Up until the September projection, the shortfall in the FY2021 revenue is covered by the revenue received in FY2020 that wasn’t budgeted.


Iowa Department of Transportation - COVID-19 Memo

Traffic Signal Timing & Iowa Avenue Project Update

The reconstruction activity on Iowa Avenue has slowed down this week because some of the underground utilities need to be relocated.  The relocation is dependent on the specific utility companies.  In addition, during the excavation contractors discovered varying depths of sand under the old pavement.  This sandy soil must be removed and replaced with better quality backfill material to ensure the long-term integrity of the new pavement.  A change order for this work will be forthcoming to the City Council’s July 6th meeting.  

Hillcrest Avenue Maintenance

Streets Division staff completed repairs on a failed section of Hillcrest Avenue, located just west of 14th Street.  This full-depth street repair was completed on Tuesday, June 23rd and required a total of 80 hours of labor and 31 cubic yards of concrete.  This repair work required a temporary road closure on Hillcrest Avenue, between 9th Street and 14th Street.  

Stormwater Intake Repairs

Streets Division staff is working towards repairs to the storm sewer intakes at the intersections of W 2nd Ave and South G Street and Jefferson Way and Plainview Avenue.  These intakes have deteriorated due to heavy traffic on the state highways. The objective of the repairs is to preserve the intake structure and to restrict ground water infiltration.

Pavement Markings

Streets Division staff continued progress on the annual pavement markings program.  The recently completed work included school crossings near the intersection of West 2nd Avenue and South 15th Street, as well as at the intersection of West 2nd Avenue and South 12th Street. Crews have also been painting yellow curb markings on West Iowa Avenue and double yellow lines at East Trail Ridge Avenue and East Willow Creek Avenue.  The double yellow line serves to separate lanes of traffic travelling in opposite directions and the yellow curb designates no parking areas on the streets.

Sewer Plant Notice

The City received a letter of non-compliance relating to effluent limits for the current 40-plus year-old wastewater treatment plant.  Water Pollution Control Staff have been working collaboratively with DNR representatives on required follow-ups and documentation.  Virtually all the items noted in the letter are the result of the age of the current plant and will be completely addressed once the new Water Resource Recovery Facility is completed.     

Community Development Reports

Attached are the following reports provided by the Community Development Department:

  • Current Projects Update

    • A site plan for a new retail building located at 1508 North Jefferson Way (old Destiny Bible site) was submitted.  The tenant of the building has not been announced.  Additionally, site work on the Treeline Plat 1 subdivision began this week, and the final plat for Quail Meadows Plat 3 was submitted. 
  • 2020 Building Permits

    • One building permit application was submitted and five building permits were issued.  There are currently two building permit applications in review and 100 building permits that have been issued year to date.
  • Code Enforcement

    • One code enforcement case was opened, and two cases were closed.  There are currently 19 open code enforcement cases.

Warren County Justice Center (WCJC) Weekly Update

In the attached WCJC update, DCI reports there will be an increase in deliveries next week, as well as more workers on site as masonry and electrical work begins.
Warren County Justice Center Weekly Email

Upcoming City Council Agenda

Attached, please find the anticipated agendas for the July 6th and July 20th upcoming meetings.  As a reminder, these are fluid documents that can change on a regular basis (i.e. some items may get added/rescheduled due to Council direction, as well as other factors that may or may not be within the control of the City departments).
Anticipated Agenda July 6, 2020 Draft
Anticipated Agenda July 20, 2020 Draft