Waller's Weekly Update 2020

  1. January 24, 2020
  2. January 17, 2020
  3. January 10, 2020
  4. January 3, 2020

Ryan Waller - City Manager

Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)

During its meeting on January 21st, the City Council received and filed the results of the bid opening for the City’s proposed Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).  Attached, please find a press release and fact sheet regarding this item. Consideration of an award and financing of the project is scheduled for the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.
Press Release - WRRF
Fact Sheet - WRRF

Traffic Signal Timing Project

As you may recall, the City’s budget includes funding of a project to allow the traffic signals on Jefferson Way (US highway 65/69) and 2nd Ave (IA 92) to be better coordinated.  This will help to reduce delays, improve safety along the corridor and help the environment by reducing emissions from idling. As part of this project, the pavement on Iowa Avenue from 1st Street to Jefferson Way will also be replaced.  The City Engineer was recently notified that Iowa DOT, which is helping to fund a portion of this project, conducted a successful letting for this project.  There were four bids received and the apparent low bidder was Sternquist Construction with a bid amount of $257,606.85.  The City Engineer has not yet received official bid tabulations from Iowa DOT.  The project is anticipated to be completed by mid-July.    

Iowa Avenue Paving Grant

Attached, please see the press release below announcing the award of a $627,237 grant to the City to help build an extension to East Iowa Avenue in front of the new multimillion-dollar Missouri Valley Joint Apprentice Training Center currently under construction in the Industrial Park.  Thank you to Community and Economic Development Director, Charlie Dissell, Finance Director/City Clerk, Andy Lent, and Dave Moeller, City Engineer with Snyder & Associates, for their efforts in securing this significant economic development grant.
Press Release - Grant Award

Mid Iowa Construction Code Committee (MICCC)

As you may be aware, Indianola participates in monthly MICCC meetings. The MICCC is a group of building officials from municipalities around the Des Moines Metro area who gather to discuss various issues relating to building codes, building plan reviews, and building inspections.  Each month, a different jurisdiction leads the topic of discussion.  This Thursday, Indianola led the discussion where Tim Little (Building and Zoning Official) and Sam Hofer (Firefighter/Paramedic) discussed how the City’s Community Development and Fire Departments collaborate on a regular basis when reviewing building permit applications and plans, as well as when conducting building/fire inspections.  Feedback received on the program was extremely positive.

Community Development Updates

Attached please find various updates provided by the Community Development Department.
2019 Building Permits
2020 Building Permits
Code Enforcement
Current Projects Update

Upcoming City Council Agenda

Attached, please find the draft agendas for the upcoming meetings.  As a reminder, these are fluid documents that can change on a regular basis (i.e. some items may get added/rescheduled due to Council direction, as well as other factors that may or may not be within the control of the City departments).
Draft - February 4, 2020
Draft - February 18, 2020
Draft - March 2, 2020