Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy guide to decisions about the physical development of a community. A plan generally does not provide a detailed design for development of specific sites; instead it sets out broad policy directions for growth, development and redevelopment. Indianola's Comprehensive Plan analyzes and incorporates a wide variety of components, including the natural environment, population, land use, transportation, parks and trails, infrastructure, services and facilities, and growth management. As a result Indianola's Comprehensive Plan provides a vision of Indianola’s future, helping to guide the growth of the community.

Indianola's Comprehensive Plan also provides a framework for land use regulations, recognizing that the people of a community live cooperatively and therefore have certain responsibilities to one another. These regulations determine how land is developed within a city and in its extra-territorial jurisdiction. Under Iowa law, land use regulations such as zoning ordinances must be established and enforced in accordance with an approved Comprehensive Plan. 

Indianola's current Comprehensive Plan can be found here.