Waller's Weekly Update - 2019

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City Council Meeting
As mentioned in my email from yesterday, we have been having a devil of a time trying to get the March 18th meeting rescheduled.  Unfortunately, simply canceling the meeting and waiting until the April 1st City Council meeting is not an option because we have a number of items that need to be completed before the end of the month.  For a variety of reasons and to increase our ability to have the necessary meeting, we will be scheduling two identical City Council meetings (March 19th at 5:00 p.m. and March 20th at 1:00 p.m.) in hopes that one of them can take place.  Phoning in will be an option.  The meeting agendas will be limited to the following items:
  1. Setting some public hearings (so we don’t disrupt local businesses), 
  2. Approving the claims (so we don’t incur late fees), 
  3. Approving a contract with Civic (this is the City’s main financial and payroll system), and 
  4. Receiving and filing the audit (so we can meet the State deadline).
Approved FY 2020 Budget
The FY2020 budget has been submitted to Warren County and to the Iowa Department of Management a few days ahead of schedule. Thanks to the Council and City staff for all their hard work in putting together another annual budget. 

FY 2020 Budget Document
The Finance Department has started work on the FY2020 Budget Presentation Document. They have 90 days from March 4th to submit the document to GFOA to be considered for the Distinguished Budget Award.  As part of this work, staff will be incorporating recommendations that were provided by GFOA as part of last year’s budget submittal.  Once completed, this document will be loaded to the City’s website.

FY 2018 PILOT Payment
As previously shared, the IMU FY2018 audit found that more electricity and water had been sold than previously forecasted. An amount equal to five percent of the electricity sales and three percent of water sales is transferred to the city as a Payment in Lieu Of Taxes or PILOT payment. The remaining amount of $73,600 will be transferred to the city with $47,104 to the General Administration Fund and $24,496 to the Police Fund. As you may recall, the General Administration transfer will pay for the accounting system upgrade.

County Email
Attached is an email that was sent to County representatives earlier this week.  This email provides some follow-up information resulting from our last Courthouse/Jail update meeting.  This is being provided for informational purposes only.

Shallow Pool Concrete Bids
Three bids were opened for the replacement of approximately 80 square yards of concrete walkway around the Aquatic Center Shallow Pool and concession areas.  Several portions of the concrete are cracking or crumbing.  Estimates were obtained last year from concrete contractors that ranged from around $22,000 to $30,000.  These figures were used when including in the CIP budget for this fiscal year.  The received bids ranged from $45,564 to $93,582.  City staff will be recommending rejecting all bids and re-contacting the contractors for a per square yard cost and then prioritizing the areas that need to be repaired prior to this season under the budgeted CIP amount.  

Pool Feature Pumps
Two of the pumps that operate the water features in the Aquatic Center Shallow pool were scheduled for repair during this winter as the shafts were corroding to the point of visible holes.  With the advice from the Water Pollution Control staff and other pump vendors, the plan was to remove the shafts and rebuild them at Williams Machine in Lacona.  Following delivery, it was discovered the shafts could not be removed without damaging the impellers and other pump parts.  Staff have since been working with several pump vendors to collect estimates for replacement options.  There is $15,000 included in the CIP budget for these repairs.  Staff will be working to select the best replacement options as soon as possible as the replacement pumps have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Employee Awards Banquet
Attached is the invitation for this year’s employee awards banquet.  Please be sure to rsvp to Melissa McCoy by Friday, March 22nd.  

Mary Zimmerman
After 32 years of service to our community, Mary Zimmerman will be retiring from IMU on March 29th.  Attached is an invitation for a reception honoring Mary’s dedicated service.  

Spring Cleaning
Non-emergency City Hall staff are looking to schedule a spring cleaning day.  There are a number of files and storage rooms in City Hall that have not been cleaned in several years.  It is anticipated that non-emergency offices would be closed for the spring cleaning day.  Once a tentative date is identified, we will present at an upcoming City Council meeting and advertise accordingly.   

Shadow Day
On Wednesday, 28 high school students shadowed employees in City and IMU departments.  Departments included Fire, Police, Streets, Parks, Recreation, Library, IT, Community Development, City Manager/Finance/City Clerk/HR, and Electric. Students had the opportunity tour interesting areas within departments, ride with police officers, see how paramedics intubate patients, learn about the planning and zoning commission, budget, interviewing, and a variety of other municipal operations.

Community Development Updates
Attached, please find various updates provided by the Community Development Department.
Property Maintenance Database
Expired Permits Report

Upcoming City Council Agenda
Attached, please find the draft agendas maintained by the Clerk’s Office for the upcoming meetings.  As a reminder, these are fluid documents that can change on a regular basis (i.e. some items may get added/rescheduled due to Council direction, as well as other factors that may or may not be within the control of the City departments).  If there are items that you would like more information on, please let me know. 
Draft - April 1, 2019
Draft - April 15, 2019