Stop Sign & Speed Zone Request


To provide for a uniform process for handling citizen requests for installation of new stop/yield signs or changes to speed zones on streets controlled by the City of Indianola.


Requests for such changes shall be initiated with a citizen request, using the form attached as Exhibit B to the adopting resolution. If a citizen makes a request at a Council meeting, they will be directed to complete the form. The form will be made available online as well as at City Hall. An elected official may also complete the form to initiate a request for review.
Upon receipt of a completed request form, City staff and the City Engineer will conduct any necessary field research to evaluate the request. Requests will be evaluated based on the guidelines of the U.S. DOT’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
Efforts will be made toward being efficient in evaluating the request, and the typical timeframe for processing a request should not exceed one month, barring unusual circumstances or the need for more extensive research.

Adopted by City Council on October 1, 2018

​Request Form (PDF)

Remit completed forms
City of Indianola
Clerks Office
PO Box 299
110 N 1st Street
Indianola IA 50125

or via email