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City Mail
Attached are three pieces of mail received at city hall. One is an invite to Iowa Business Hall of Fame Dinner, a notice from Impact7G doing a compliance review for T-Mobile antenna and cabinet installation (Community Development is reviewing), and the WWTP inspection report noted below.

Memo on EMS Billing
I’ve attached a memo from Fire Chief Chia with a report from Intermedix regarding the EMS fee billing results. It will most likely take a full billing cycle of about a year before we get completely caught up with the billing from where we left off when we first hired Intermedix. However, you can see that progress has been made. Chief Chia continues to have weekly telephone conference calls with Intermedix to ensure the billing continues moving forward. 

WTTP Inspection Report
Attached to the update is an inspection report recently completed for the wastewater treatment plant. A summary is provided on page 8. While it notes that the city is taking active measures to reduce stormwater inflow into the system, there are a few other violations that the staff will need to correct. Here is Rick Graves’ response to the report:
“The ammonia violation is due to the age of the facility. As for the General Permit 1 inspections, this is something the DNR has started to enforce and it only affect cities with over 1 million gallons per day of sanitary sewer influent. I will begin doing these inspections. There is a DNR class on this in November that I will be attending.“

Open House for Trails

Staff is planning to have a public information meeting for our two trail projects.  The primary audience will be those residents adjacent to the trail route (a letter will be mailed), but it will be open to the general public.  This will be publicized via our website and social media outlets. The meeting will take place on Thursday, November 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Indianola Activity Center.  You should have received an email about this earlier.
Sound in Council Chambers
At the last City Council meeting, a resident noted that they had difficulty hearing speakers up at the dais and the podium.  City staff have worked to adjust the volume levels for the audio in that room.  In addition to the volume adjustment, staff is requesting that during City Council meetings you avoid placing papers or phones near the speakers.

Boards and Commissions

An updated list of the members of the City’s Boards and Commissions has been added to the city website and is attached. HIRTA will be asking the Council to appoint someone to their Transportation Advisory Group so we have posted an advertisement on the website asking interested individuals to apply.

Upcoming City Council Agendas
Attached, please draft agenda documents for upcoming meetings.  As a reminder, these are fluid documents that can change on a regular basis (i.e. some items may get added/rescheduled due to Council direction as well as other factors that may or may not be within the control of the City departments).  If there are items that you would like more information on, please let me know. 
Draft - November 19, 2018
Draft - December 3, 2018

Community Development Updates
Attached are various updates provided by Community Development.  Please note that the property maintenance report does not show those properties that have been provided to legal counsel for the next step in the enforcement proceedings.
Construction Project Updates
Property Maintenance Database
Permits Report - 102017
Permits Report - 102018