Wastewater Treatment Plant Updates

The city's current wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1978 and designed for a population of 11,600 residents.  With the current facility beyond its useful life of 30 years, aging infrastructure and stricter regulations, replacement of the current plant is necessary.  
This page has been created to provide updates, progress reports, and other information to aid in answering questions regarding the new wastewater treatment plant project.


The City will be using 100% of the funds raised by the new Local Option Sales Tax for the wastewater treatment plant project.  Funding from the tax will not be used in courthouse renovations, road repair, or any other project that does not further the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant.  To view a letter from the City Council documenting this commitment, please click here.

Facility Plan News


In May, the City Council approved the Facility Plan for the new Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Facility Plan is a document that presents the City's anticipated treatment technology and systems.  This document was submitted for review by the DNR following the City Council approval.  As part of this process, the City is required to provide a separate submittal called Antidegradation Analysis.  This analysis provides technical data on what would be released back into the environment once treated by the new wastewater treatment plant.  In the City's case, the technology that was selected in the Facility Plan is considered to be the most environmentally friendly solution of the options considered by the City.  The regulations for the antidegradation analysis requires that there be a 30 day comment period on the analysis.  As such, the City will be hosting an open house on August 24th from 5:30 - 6:30 during which our Engineer on this project will provide additional information. 

During its May 16th study session, the City Council reviewed a financial model for the new wastewater treatment plant. The model is a long-term budgetary tool that allows the council to monitor the financial impacts as the city progresses with this much needed facility. As promised by the City, the financial model dedicates 100% of the local option sales tax towards this project. According to these projections, which will be reviewed on a regular basis, it is likely wastewater rates will remain at their current levels for some time. Click here to see the presentation that was reviewed.

On Monday, May 2nd, City Council reviewed and approved the proposed facility plan for the new wastewater treatment plant.  The Facility Plan will serve as a guide to designing wastewater treatment facilities to meet the city's needs. The next step involves submitting the document to IDNR to review the technologies and wastewater treatment infrastructure proposed to see if they meet the environmental requirements of the state and federal government.  To view a copy of the complete Facility Plan click here.

On March 28th, the City Council reviewed a draft of the facility plan for a new wastewater treatment plant.  The facility plan is an important document that, once approved, will be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources to begin the permitting process.  The draft of the facility plan will be presented for formal consideration at an upcoming council meeting.

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