Book Clubs

Read Around the World!

For Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

2nd Thursday of each month  3:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Begins September 8th.

Join this book club and become a world traveler!  Each month, we'll "visit" a different location, with books, music, crafts, and activities.  A selection of books related to each month's location will be available for check-out.  (A library card is necessary to check out books.)

No registration is necessary.

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Blog Your Book!

For 3rd through 5th Grade

This is not an "official" book club - we don't meet every month, we don't all read the same books.  What we DO is tell others about the great book we just finished, so they can check it out and enjoy it, too!

You should include:

  • Your first name (ONLY your first name)
  • Your grade in school
  • The title and author of the book
  • A brief summary of the book (but don't give away the ending!)
  • Why you liked the book

You can also include:

  • Your favorite character or part of the book
  • What type of book it is: mystery? fantasy? historical? funny? scary? non-fiction? graphic novel?

Click here for a form you can use if you get stuck.  Email your review to Janis at or bring a written copy to the library, and she will publish it on our blog.  Be sure to get your parents' permission first! We will publish ONLY your first name, and if you (or your parents) don't want your name to be published, we will post it as "anonymous".

Then, be sure to check back on the IPL KidStuff Blog to read the reviews (plus see other cool library stuff)!

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