Tree Inventory

Indianola now has an inventory of the trees on city properties, thanks to a grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership.

Inventory Project
The Indianola Community Trees Committee requested the inventory project in order to prepare for the eventual removal of ash trees once the Emerald Ash Borer moves into the area and destroys them.

The inventory located 820 total ash trees in city parks and public areas, the most of any tree species on city property and 3 times more than the tree with the second highest count in the inventory, the Black Cherry (see chart).

The inventory will help the Parks Department monitor the health of ash trees as well other tree species. Knowing the number of ash trees on city property will also help the department estimate the cost to remove and replace them, and will help City Council decide whether to start setting aside funds now for that purpose.
Top 10 Trees
The following list is comprised of the top ten tree species on city property:
  1. Green Ash - 807
  2. Black Cherry - 259
  3. Box Elder - 223
  4. Black Walnut - 223
  5. Crabapple - 205
  6. Mulberry - 194
  7. Hackberry - 126
  8. American Elm - 119
  9. White Pine - 116
  10. Sugar Maple - 111