Swim Diaper Requirement

Disposable or reusable swim diapers are required for all non toilet-trained children. 

  • Caregivers should check the diaper every 30-60 minutes and bring extra diapers for changing.
  • Change diapers AWAY from the pool area in one of the designated areas of the restrooms/locker rooms.  
    • Throw away disposable diapers in restroom trashcans
    • Reusable diapers may not be rinsed at this facility 
  • Wash hands after changing diapers/pants to reduce the chance of poop, urine & germ contamination of areas around the pool, which:
    •  Uses up chlorine that otherwise would kill germs
    • Binds with chlorine and creates irritants in the air

Shallow Pool

 The shallow pool is for children ages 8 & under only, unless with parent.  Children under age 10 must be closely supervised by someone 15 or older at all times.  

Slide Height Requirements

  • Shallow pool slide is for children under 48" or shorter.  Adults may not ride this slide; please wait for your child at the bottom.
  • Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride on the blue or yellow slides in the big pool. 


Lockers are available to keep your valuables and belongings safe during your stay. Free to use; please bring your own padlock.

Health & Safety Recommendations

The State Health Department recommends the following procedures for all aquatic center guests to safeguard against health problems:

  • Do not enter the pool if:
    a. You currently have or have had diarrhea in the past two weeks.
    b. You have an infectious or communicable disease.
  • Shower your child and yourself before entering the pool.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly using soap immediately after going to the restroom.
  • Be sure non toilet-trained children are wearing swim diapers or tight fitting rubber pants.
  • Change diapers only in restrooms, not on pool decks or grass areas.
  • Do not drink pool water.
  • Do not spit, spout water, blow the nose, or discharge body waste in the pool.

Visit the Pool Safely website for more information.

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