Moving / Demolition Permit

A Moving / Demolition Permit is required to demolish a building or portion thereof or to move a building from 1 location to another across private or public property within the city limits.

Special Notes
Applicants must have:
  • An application with proof of insurance, plans, specifications and diagrams is to be submitted for review by the Building Official prior to issuance of the permit
  • Notification and approval by the Indianola Police Department is required for all Moving Permits
  • All utilities must be disconnected prior to the demolition of structure
  • All utilities must be disconnected at the source
All work for which a permit is required is subject to inspection by the Building Officials. The applicant is responsible for contacting the Community Development Department (515-961-9430) at the appropriate intervals.

Permit is usually granted within 1 to 2 days.


The fee for a Moving / Demolition Permit is $30 per permit.

Please download and fill out the Building Permit Application (PDF).