Cyber Bullying

The definition of cyber bullying is "the use of internet technologies to harass or humiliate another person." Some examples include: Rude or inappropriate text messages, degrading or threatening comments posted on a website.

Signs that your child may be the victim of cyber bullying:
  • Avoids use of the computer, cell phone, or other devices
  • Appears stressed out when receiving emails, instant messages, or text messages
  • Withdraws from friends and family
  • Acts reluctant to attend school and social events
  • Avoids conversations about computer use.
  • Exhibits signs of low self-esteem including depression and/or fear
  • Has declining grades
  • Stops eating or sleeping
  • In serious cases child may even consider suicide.
Dealing with cyber bullying:
  • Do not respond to the bullying
  • Save the evidence
  • Report the activity to the website, internet service provider, school, or police department.
Make a Cyber Tipline Report