Demolition and Moving Existing Buildings/Structures

Quick Overview

Planning a build for a garden shed or a detached garage? Accessory buildings and structures for residential properties require a building permit to be submitted. Please review the Accessory Structure/Building Requirements Handout or contact the Community Development Department.

Permit Required?


Inspections Required?

Final Building and Zoning Inspection

Anticipated Review Timeline

5-10 Business Days

Building Permits for Demolition

The removal of a building or structure, including accessory buildings, requires a building permit to be submitted. Prior to the demolition of a building and after the removal of the structure or building, the following requirements must be met:

  • Utilities must be shut off and pulled away from the building/structure. A demolition permit will not be issued until it is confirmed that all utilities are appropriately disconnected at the required locations.
  • Sewer lines must be excavated and disconnected at least 10-feet away from the building/structure and stubbed to grade. Sewer lines must also be either capped or have a cleanout installed for future locates.
  • If the property owner wishes to rebuild within a year, the water service must be disconnected at the stop box. If not, the water service must be removed in its entirety and capped at the main.
  • Detached accessory structures and buildings cannot remain on a lot without an established principal building. These structures will need to be removed if the main building will be demolished.
  • Any bare areas on the lot will need to be covered with sod or seeded.

Moving Existing Buildings/Structures

Prior to moving an existing building, a permit may be required. A permit is not required if the building is such a size that could be loaded upon any duly licensed truck and which could then be moved without coming into contact with any telephone lines, electric lines and lights, or any other public service corporation property. Otherwise, the following will be required:

  • Description of the current and future location of the building/structure to be relocated.
  • A routing plan, approved by the Police Chief, Street Superintendent, and Public Utility Officials
  • A penal bond (min. sum of $5,000.00)