Public Comment Policy

During the Public Comment agenda item of a Library Board meeting, members of the public may address the Library Board on any subject over which the Library Board has the authority to act. 

  • Individuals shall be limited to three minutes speaking time.
  • A maximum of twenty minutes per meeting will be set aside for Public Comment, unless additional time is granted by the presiding officer.   A majority vote of the Trustees may extend or decrease the time limitations on this rule.
  • Preference will be given to individuals who did not speak at the previous meeting's Public Comment. 
  • Individuals may not speak more than once during Public Comment. 
  • All remarks shall be addressed to the Board as a whole and not to an individual Trustee or Library staff member. 

Any individual addressing the Library Board will be asked by the presiding officer to clearly state their name and address prior to speaking so that their name may be accurately recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Residents may submit online public comment cards. Cards must be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting and will be distributed to board members. Submitted comment cards are public record.

Group Presentations

Organized groups that wish to make a presentation longer than the time allowed will be required to contact the presiding officer prior to the meeting and be granted permission by the presiding officer.

Further Action

Matters presented during Public Comment which require further investigation or information shall be referred to library staff, and if the Library Board determines that action is required, the item may be placed on a future agenda.

Adopted 9/2022, revised 6/2023