IPL Board of trustees Bylaws

I.   Library Board

According to the requirements of Chapter 14, City Code of Indianola, the Library Board shall consist of seven members.  Their powers and duties are outlined in the City Code.   It shall be the primary duty of the Board to establish policies and employ a director to implement those policies.

II.  Officers

The officers of the Board shall consist of a president, vice president, and a secretary.  

They shall be elected annually at the July meeting and shall hold office until their successors are elected and installed.

Officers may succeed themselves in office.  The duties of the officers shall be such as are custom by law.

III. Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held monthly.  The Board will determine the date and hour.   All meetings shall be accordance with the Iowa Open Meetings Law.  The library director shall prepare and publicize the monthly agenda.

The meeting place shall be at the library or such other place as the Board may determine.  When questions of parliamentary procedure occur, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used.

The president may call a special meeting at any time, provided that notice of said meeting is in accordance with Chapter 21, Code of Iowa.

A quorum, consisting of four or more members, is required.   

IV.  Committees

The president may appoint such special committees as may be needed from time to time.  Standing committees shall consist of, but are not limited to:  Personnel and Budget. One Board member shall also be appointed as a representative to the Friends of the Library board.

V.   Policies

            All policies shall be reviewed at least every three years.

VI. Library Director

The library director shall be the executive director of the policies adopted by the board.  Duties and responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Selecting materials.
  • Overseeing maintenance and operation of the physical plant.
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and assigning library staff.
  • Informing the board, during monthly meetings, regarding the status of the collection, circulation, finances, physical plant, and other developments concerning the Library.
  • Attending the Board meetings, except where the board has granted leave or when the salary and/or competency of the library director is to be discussed.

VII. Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws may be adopted at any regular meeting of the board, provided that notice of proposed changes are given to all members of the board at least five days prior to the meeting.

VIII. Review of Bylaws

The bylaws shall be reviewed at least every three years.

Adopted 4/00; Reviewed 10/04; Revised 10/07; Reviewed 2/12; Reviewed 4/17; Reviewed 12/18; Reviewed 7/21; Revised 3/23