Rental properties located within the corporate limits of Indianola must register and obtain valid certification that shows that rental units have been inspected and are up to code. Prior to an inspection, landlords/property owners are responsible for notifying a tenant at least twenty-four (24) hours before the inspection. Rental properties are inspected every two years to ensure compliance. For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (515) 962-5275.

Schedule an Inspection

Scheduling inspections is currently unavailable at this time. Please visit the Registration and Certification page for more information about when to register your property and schedule an inspection.

How to Prepare for a Rental Inspection

Do you have a scheduled rental inspection coming up soon? Prepare for your inspection by utilizing an inspection checklist provided by the City. Not sure if something constitutes as a violation? Contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (515) 962-5275.

Rental Housing Inspection Checklist